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PREXAparts GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2012 and is located near to the German seaports of Hamburg and Wilhelsmhaven. We are a young and modern working company and our main purpose is to offer our customers an innovative range according to the market requests. Due to our flexibility and size we are able to act and implement our and your concepts promptly.

With our Xclusiv + Selected and X-parts range we are proud to offer you high quality items in our private label packaging. Cooperative and longterm partnership is our standard with manufacturers as well.

Our logistics is known for its fast shipping procedure adjusted to customers requests!

Pallet and small-parts warehouse with more than 2.500 m² secures a high delivery capacity for more than 3.000 different items available from stock. PREXAparts high quality packing is adapted to each item and ensures a safe transport with an optimum usage volume. Multilingual lables with bar codes,  high quality pictures, EAC certificate provides the best basic support to our customers.

Our products are packed at fast and reliable speed – ready to send out by courier, air- or seafreight.

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