The quality of the goods and service defines the quality of the company.

We are only working with certified manufacturers providing us highest OEM or aftermarket quality.

With our Xclusiv + Selected line we can offer you an innovative and complete range of engine and transmission parts, sensors, thermostats, hoses, EGR valves, window regulators, door locks and more for all applications.

We are expanding our range continuously to fullfil the customer and market demands.

As the modern aftermarket requires, we can also offer a wide range of different repair solutions and kits.

More than 5.000 items secures the satisfaction of our customers.

Our X-parts range is the good alternative of classic spare parts created by demands of our customers providing an ideal completion for our customers.

We welcome you to have a closer look to our range! [Product groups]

Breather valves – Oil separators – Transmission filter / kits – Radiator hoses – Turbo hoses – Sensors -  Expansion tanks – Repair kits – Pulleys – Door locks – EGR valves – Switches – Window regulators - and more

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